How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Do you want to upgrade your current laptop? Do you find your laptop inefficient? Have you sought a local buyer for your laptop and failed? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should consider selling your laptop online. The 21st century has seen the introduction of personalized technologies that has changed how people work and relate. For instance, the increase in internet use has facilitated the establishment of online commerce. As a result, many local traders use online platforms that you could use to sell your laptop.
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Factors to consider when deciding to use an online selling site

  • Price quotes: Different online buyers will provide different price quotes and you should consider choosing the buyer with a favorable price quote when selling a laptop online.
  • Customer reviews: Online buyers sometimes may not be trustworthy. In case you decide to use less known platforms, consider going through customer reviews to know the expected experience. Consider platforms that have served many people satisfactorily.
  • Flexibility: Some online buyers are flexible and allow customers to trade their old laptops for new laptops if they supplement with some cash.
  • Personal Safety: Online platforms are likely to expose your personal information if you are not careful. Before you decide to sell your laptop online, consider the safety of your identity. It is imperative to consult an expert on how you can protect your information when disposing of your personal computer.

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Best places to sell my laptop

So, with all the dealers operating in your area claiming to be the best, it is normal to wonder how you will find the best dealer. For instance, you could ask where can I sell my laptop and get the best deal. You can sell your laptop online through the following sites:

  • Sellbroke
  • Amazon
  • Gadget Salvation
  • Best Buy
  • Apple trade-in

Some of the reasons that may force you to sell your laptop

  • In case, you are in need of emergency finances to address a problem that has just come up.
  • When you want to get extra cash to fund your new pc, you can decide to sell your old laptop to get extra funding.
  • You may also decide to sell your old PC if you already have a new laptop and you would like to get rid of the old laptop.

Preparations you should take before selling your laptop online

Back up your personal data

The first step towards preparing your personal laptop for sale is ensuring that all your personal data is backed up to an external flash drive. This is important in avoiding the loss of the sensitive information that you may need in future.

De-authorize any DRM purchase

It is important to point out that most of the laptops and PC nowadays come with DRM Purchase. If your operating system is iOS, you can purchase your software and download it on more than 5 devices. Purchased software come with Digital Rights Management technology that is personalized to your computer. Some of the DRM services include PC games like SecuROM.

Delete your personal information

Personal data should be protected as it can be misused and used to blackmail you or commit cybercrimes. The next step after you have backed up your data, delete all personal data to keep yourself save and prevent it from being used to bully you. Deleting your personal information also protects personal information such as bank account information and passwords.


After deleting your personal data, there is the possibility of the second user to access your deleted information through the recovery process. To ensure that no third party will have access to your personal data, you can use secure formatting after you have deleted your personal details.

Re-install an OS

Before you sell your PC online, it is important you ensure that you have re-installed an operating system. Operating systems are easily accessible through the restore CDs that come with new PCs and laptops. Restoration ensures that before I sell my laptop online, it is back to its state at the purchase time. You can also restore your operating system online by downloading it from Linux. It is important to ensure that the installed software is licensed before deciding to sell your laptop online.